2011 Events    

Dec 9 Cosmo Hotel Mongkok and Silka Far East Hotel Awarded the Gold Circle Award by Agoda
9 December 2011 - Cosmo Hotel Mongkok and Silka Far East Hotel, managed by Kosmopolito Hptels International Limited (KHI), are two among the seven hotels in Hong King that were awarded the Gold Circle Award by Agoda for their exceptional performance.

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Dec 5 Kosmopolito Hotels International (KHI) Donated Scholarships/Bursaries to IVE Students
5 December 2011 - To further strengthen the company's corporate social responsibility initiatives, Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited (KHI) contributed scholarship/bursaries to five students of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education(IVE).

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Dec 1 Disposal of Central Park Hotel: Proceeds of HK$515M, Net Gain of HK$370M
1 December 2011 - Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited (KHI) is pleased to announce the completion of disposal of Central Park Hotel for a consideration of HK$515 million.

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Nov 22 Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited (HKSE: 2266) Interim Period Net Profit Rises 164.2%
22 November 2011 - The Board of Directors of Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited today announced the unaudited condensed consolidated results of the company and its subsidiaries(the Group

) for the six months ended 30 September 2011.

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Nov 3 Stay, Shop & Save Programme Doubles Shopping Fun of Silka Hotels' Guests
3 November 2011 - Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited (KHI) (HKSE:2266) introduces the exclusive Stay, Shop & Save Programme to spread the message of best value of Sika Hotels.

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Oct 7 Kosmopolito Hotels International (KHI) Appoints Mr. Chui Yue Bond as New Chief Financial Officer
Hong Kong,07 October 2011 - Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited (KHI) (HKSE:2266) today announced the resignation of Mr. Chu Chee Seng as an Evecutive Director of the Company, effective as of 19th October 2011 and where he will cease to hold the office of Chief Financial Officer of the Company with effect from 10th October 2011.

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Oct 2 Ms. Chiu Wing Kwan Winnie to Become the President of Kosmopolito Hotels International
Hong Kong,2 October 2011 - Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited (KHI) today announced that Mr.Mok Kwai Pui, Bili, an Executive Director of KHI, will be re-designated as a Non-Executive Director of KHI and will cease to hlod thevoffice of the President of KHI with effect from 1 November 2011.

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Sep 8 The Sale of Central Park Hotel
(HONG KONG, 8 September 2011) Kosmopolito Hotels International Limited(KHI)today announced that it has, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, entered into an agreement to sell Central Park Hotel(the Hotel) for HK$515 million, which translates to HK$10,100 per square foot.

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Jun 1 Kosmopolito Hotels International (KHI) Signs Up Leading Edge Online Booking Technology
Hong Kong, June 2011 - Kosmopolito Hotels International (KHI) has signed a global agreement with Travel CLICK, the market leader in hotel e-commerce solutions to implement the iStay web booking engine for all its 22 hotels and future pipelines.

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