Green Certification and Green Operations

Since 2019, our single-use bottles have all been removed with reusable containers.

To initiate a pilot scheme “Green Vendor Machine” by offering guests to redeem their green awards to reduce the free distribution of amenities.

At the moment, three of our hotels are certified Earth Check Silver. We will actively aim to ensure more of our hotel offerings have green certifications to ensure our guests our commitment to the environment.

Some of our hotels, such as Dao by Dorsett West London and Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore have also introduced greenery into their hotels such as revitalizing underused areas for an herbal garden and a lobby Plant Library.

Water Conservation

We recognize that water is a commodity and is integral to the functions of our community and business. To actively conserve our water usage we have adopted the following actions:

In our upcoming flagship opening Dorsett Kai Tak, we have installed water-efficient devices such as low-flow faucets, dual-flush toilets, and sensor-controlled urinals. These installations are anticipated to reduce the site’s potable water consumption by 30%.

With our Eco-value+ housekeeping Programme, we incentivize guests who opt out of housekeeping services with a free in-room minibar.

Act for Carbon Reduction 

As we understand the hospitality sector is heavily reliant on energy usage, we have put in place energy reduction actions across our hotels.

Replacement of T8 light with LED light since 2017 to increase energy efficiency by up to 30%.

In Dorsett Mongkok and Silka Far East, we have replaced our existing chiller plants with higher quality and higher energy efficiency models. 

Increasing our renewable capacity is also one of our strategies to reduce carbon emissions. In our Dorsett Shepherd Bush hotel, we have commenced an 18kW solar panel system installation programme, which can support around 2% of the hotel's energy consumption.

Each year, we encourage our hotels to join Earth Hour held by the World Wildlife Fund to support energy conservation. Our guests will also be invited to join us to share this meaningful message.