It’s no secret that we strive for our brands to be the best hotel chains. In all that we do at DHI, including our comprehensive CSR programme, we take a consistent and considered approach based around our four core values of Integrity, Inspiration, Innovation, and Initiative.


We believe that a hotel group should be accountable to its guests. At DHI we focus on providing the highest levels of respect, honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. We aren’t afraid to take responsibility for all of our actions, internal and external; and we know that without the best people, we can’t provide the best guest experiences.


As an international group, we have many sources of inspiration – and many people to inspire. We listen to our associates, our guests, and the local communities where we establish DHI hotels to create guest experiences that surprise and excite.


In a fast-developing industry, it’s important to innovate. We proactively seek ways to enhance our brands and constantly look for creative ways to improve. By engaging with and supporting ideas from the millennial demographic, we stay on top of emerging trends and can anticipate future demands.


Each traveller has their own expectations, and every city tells its own story. We encourage flexibility and efficiency through open communication, to best meet guest demands and showcase the best our locations have to offer.

Incorporating the “4 Is” into our ethos, DHI has developed its own company culture, spanning our three brands and creating real-world results that are evident every day.