Creating a safe, equal-opportunity and empowering working environment where our talent can truly grow and thrive is something that lies at the very heart of what we do at Dorsett Hospitality International.

We’re incredibly proud that a large proportion of our leadership team and hotel management are female and even prouder that this is something that has happened organically since Dorsett Hospitality International’s inception in 2007 – simply by recognising and investing in the right talent. We know that without the best people, we can’t provide the best guest experiences and we’re happy to see more and more females taking up general manager positions in what has previously been a male-dominated profession.

For International Women’s Day, Dorsett Hospitality International would like to take this opportunity to celebrate some of the successful and inspiring women currently at the helm of our hotels around the world; who are showing everyone that they, and other women too, can run a hotel while still finding time for their families, passions and ambitions.

Anita Chan

anita chan general manager of dorsett wan chai, dorsett mongkok and cosmo hong kong

Senior Vice President – Global Brand Marketing at Dorsett Hospitality International and General Manager of Dorsett Wan Chai, Dorsett Mong Kok and Cosmo Hotel, Hong Kong

“I’m always passionate about nurturing the next generation by providing them with the opportunity to pursue their interests, realise their dreams, and ultimately be able to succeed in their own area of interests. We offer internship placements for young people who are interested in the hotel industry and give them the opportunity to understand more about Dorsett Hospitality International and how the company walks with the young generation through many different initiatives. This opportunity is also extended to underprivileged kids who are passionate about the hotel industry too. Through this precious learning opportunity, they will be able to see the bright side of the future. I always believe every little thing counts. Though they might seem small, our actions can definitely influence the next minds of the next generation and hopefully, make a difference and add some sparkle to their lives.”

Rebecca Kwan

rebecca kwan general manager of lan kwai fong hotel

Senior Vice President of Sales – Hong Kong & United Kingdom of Dorsett Hospitality International, Head of Operations – United Kingdom of Dorsett Hospitality International and General Manager of Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Kau U Fong

“I’m glad that gender diversity has become such an important issue globally across many industries and it’s being proven that no matter the gender, we can all work equally as well together. I’m excited to inspire even more women hotelier leaders to push this forward with us.”

Makie Chu

makie chu dorsett city london

General Manager of Dorsett City London

“I joined the Dorsett Hospitality International family last April and was lucky to attend the Leadership Conference in my first month. I was immediately amazed by the number of female leaders in the company and I told myself – this is the right place. For me, it’s all about collaboration, nurturing, sharing and learning and taking care of each other.”

Masni Shaik Dali

masni shaik dali dorsett grand labuan

General Manager of Dorsett Grand Labuan

“Working at Dorsett Hospitality International has given me the opportunity to travel to The Pearl of Borneo, Labuan Island. Despite the difference in ethnics and beliefs, the family-like team members have created a colourful, warm and vibrant environment that makes me and our guests feel right at home at the Dorsett Grand Labuan.”

Cindy Wang

cindy wang dorsett wuhan

General Manager of Dorsett Wuhan

“I have over 23 years’ experience in the hotel hospitality, starting from 1996 in the rooms division before working up to hotel operational management. I’m proud to say I’ve been with Dorsett Hospitality International since 2008.”

Belinda Fung

belinda fung dorsett chengdu

General Manager of Dorsett Kwun Tong, Hong Kong and Dorsett Chengdu

“I believe that confidence and knowing how to express yourself sincerely are important aspects as a woman leader. I always keep a positive mind and act as a visible role model for my team. It’s challenging but also enjoyable to manage hotels in both the Hong Kong and China region. The enthusiasm and commitment shown by my dynamic team members continues to inspire me.”

Peggy Tan

peggy tan dorsett hartamas

General Manager of Dorsett Hartamas Kuala Lumpur

“Dorsett Hospitality International believes in providing equal opportunity to each of our staff, regardless of gender. This is evident through the female representation at our company, whereby most of the key leaders are hard-working and dedicated women. We are most proud of our female associates, who have displayed great work ethic and will continue to support and uplift them in the future.”

Florence Ng

florence ng dorsett tsuen wan and silka tsuen wan

General Manager of Dorsett Tsuen Wan and Silka Tsuen Wan

“Our company empowers female leaders and supports gender equality. Women are natural nurturers – a strong work family ensures a healthy future for our company. Happy International Women’s Day!”

Adele Ang

adele ang dorsett kuala lumpur

General Manager of Dorsett Kuala Lumpur

“We are already seeing more women in leadership roles which is great. A lot of international companies are embracing gender diversity and hopefully it will continue to grow.  However, as we climb the ladder of success, we should not forget that family is still key and should always be your #1 priority in life. Hopefully as women we don’t lose that in the process – women can definitely be successful in both career and family.”

Jessie Khoo-Gan

jessie khoogan dorsett singapore

General Manager of Dorsett Singapore

“As a progressive company, I feel Dorsett Hospitality International provides a strong support system through an inclusive culture of providing opportunities for all, including empowering females by nurturing a strong and gender-diverse senior hotel management team.  It’s this culture that makes Dorsett Hospitality International such an attractive place to work and cultivates a passionate pool of talents that are ever important in a service-oriented industry like ours.”